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Some people said. Even with great content, your site somehow isn’t the place to be—yet.

Some bloggers like me always think about the issue and how to make more value to my readers. Finally, I found “FOLLOW.IT”

Follow.it lets you create subscription forms with options for various delivery channels and content filters to increase repeat traffic. Give visitors the heads-up that they can subscribe to your excellent content with a subscription form.

Follow.it gives you a custom subscription form builder with eye-catching icons ready for prime site locations.

Visitors to the website can conveniently subscribe to interest-based blogs and receive new blog updates.

It saves a lot of time for email marketing campaigning and delivering new daily updates to clients.

It was clear and straight forward to configure it on my website.
I like the interface because it offers subscribers several choices, such as keywords, tags or authors, and the different distribution formats.

About WP plugin
Follow.it is a web-based app. Your WP connects by some plugins like

1.MyPopUps (it is free now if you use follow.it)

2. Ultimate Social Media ( USM)
USM provides a PLUS (free).

PREMIUM download directly ( SEARCH FOR CODES : Ultimate Social Media PREMIUM).

PREMIUM feature:

  • The super-easy placing of social media & sharing icons on your site
  • Pick from 200+ design styles to make your website look professional
  • Keep your site loading fast
  • Optimized for maximum shares and traffic
  • Mobile-ready
  • Very affordable pricing

I would prefer to the Ultimate Social Media PREMIUM plugin.


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