Why You Need
An AI Based Writing Assistant.

By giving you the right recommendations based on the context, Linguix makes your sentences clear, smooth, and correct.

A Grammar Checker Software You Can Rely On

3000 AI based corrections
700+ advanced checks
9 000 000 of most common typos
87% of Linguix users write better now

We have moved beyond just simple grammar checker software and built a sophisticated AI based English writing assistant that will help to find writing errors (grammatical mistakes) and improve your writing in all aspects.

No more grammar errors
Grammar Checker software by Linguix will analyze your writing and give advice on how to make it better, backed by over 2000 context-based rules.

Spelling corrections on the go
Our Grammar Checker software helps in fighting common spelling errors as well. Just copy and paste your content to Linguix and get your fix instantly.

Forget punctuation mistakes
Punctuation is crucial in the English language. A missing or misplaced comma can alter the meaning of your writing, sometimes horribly. Run your text through Linguix to make sure there are no punctuation issues.

A writing assistant that really helps
There are dozens of grammar checking tools out there, but Linguix is not like the rest. We do not simply make basic corrections. Rather, our tool applies over 2000 context-based rules and over 1700 patterns for finding grammar, spelling and punctuation errors in your writing. With Linguix you can forget about confusing situations like making school-level mistakes in important business or personal communication or missing commas in creative or scientific writing that could spoil the best work ever.
English grammar is often confusing, and not only for non-native speakers. Even the best authors and journalists need an excellent editor, and so does anyone who writes even a tiny piece of content. Linguix is your AI-based editor that will meticulously go through your writing and fight errors with no mercy. In a few clicks, you will get stylish and flawless texts.

Artificial intelligence to the rescue

The correct text is important as it helps us to reveal our ideas regardless of our aim or purpose.
Whether it comprises chit-chat in a dating app, serious content in a business email or an in-depth school essay, the correct language is crucial everywhere. Poorly written text full of errors can’t get you to where you want to be.
The Linguix AI based writing assistant uses top-notch technology to analyze English content and generate grammar, spelling and punctuation corrections. The system goes even deeper and offers corrections for contextual mistakes.
Also, the Linguix tool will give you advice on how to make your content look better on the web by, say, correcting the length of sentences or adding some pictures.

Comprehensive statistics for everyone
Linguix not only corrects your mistakes and gives writing advice. The system keeps track of your progress and presents your performance reports so you can understand what aspects of writing you should work on.
Be notified about your most common mistakes, the size of your vocabulary, the amount that you write, and more. This is extremely useful for people who study language or are using Linguix as a working tool.
Beyond just statistics, our Education and Business plans allow users to access additional checks tailored to their needs. Linguix delivers your corrections right away and helps to improve your language skills.

linguix grammer

Speed up your email (gmail) and
social writing with snippets

Create your snippet, assign it a shortcode, hit ⌥⇧ Space on Mac or Shift+Ctrl+Space on Windows to insert the template instantly.

Speed up your email and social writing with snippets
Automate everyday typing tasks with snippets (content templates) and save up to $10,600 a year! Automate typing and save actual money: Office workers spend around 28% of the working day managing emails.
This means using Linguix snippets of feature can save up to $18 per hour or $10,600 annually! Speed up your writing on millions of websites, create your snippet, assign it a short code.

Stop wasting time on typing and increase productivity
Tired of repeatedly typing things like “I saw your profile and thought it would be nice to connect”? Create a snippet with a shortcut “intro” and Linguix extension will instantly insert your template on any website.

Improve consistency
Snippets for specific situations like internal communications, sales pitches, or incoming support requests improve messages’ consistency and help you solve tasks faster.

linguix Snippets

Increase the efficiency
of your team’s writing

No matter the job–marketing, sales or something else–written content helps you communicate with existing and potential customers. It must be perfect, or as near as can be. Take your business communication to a new level.

AI based writing assistant
for your business

We work hard to provide your team with writing enhancement tools including English grammar and style checker as well as an advanced statistics feature.

*Browse your team’s insights on documents count, words count, alerts shown. These charts can be viewed either on the weekly or monthly basis.


What is Linguix Business+

For the companies that would like to go beyond just regular team management, we provide and add-on called Business+ that allows more flexible teamwork. Business+ team admins can collaborate with the team members working on the documents and view aggregated insights on their writing.

When you want to access your whole team’s writing insights, our Linguix Business+ corporate customers can also access writing insights on a team member’s level.

*Click on the Statistics icon to browse your team member’s insights on documents count, words count, alerts shown. These charts can be viewed either on the weekly or monthly basis.stats_icon.png

Here what Linguix users are saying

VJ Johnson
VJ Johnson

Freelance business consultant

I’ve just started using it, and so far the tool looks interesting. I like its speed, and it highlights real errors (I’ve tried some checkers before, they also fired useless alerts).

Stanislau Sakharchuk
Stanislau Sakharchuk

Co-founder & CEO at AMS

It’s an awesome app for me as a business owner for constant communication with customers. Premium subscription fully pays for itself.

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