Grow Leads & Sales With The World’s Most Advanced Viral Video Transcription & Translation Tool!

Reach a TRUE GLOBAL Audience by Smashing the Language Barrier. 

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FACT: Only 25.9% Of People Speak
The English Language
You Are Missing Out On 74.1%

And with approximately
900 Million Chinese
400 Million Spanish
240 Million Arabic
170 Million Portuguese
and 150 Million French
and so many other Language Speakers online…

You Are Missing a BIG CHUNK of Traffic to Your Videos & Sites

Wouldn’t it make sense for you to speak to your audience in their own language whenever you communicate?



Multiply Leads & Sales With Lead Magnets:
Multi-Lingual eBooks, Audio Books, Podcasts And Blog Posts

Spin & Download Audio & Text:
Drive People To Your Blogs, Channels, Social Media Feeds, Videos & Websites! 

Create NEW DIGITAL Products, and Lead Magnets with ease, by Simply Converting Yours and Other Peoples’ Videos into Blog Posts, eBooks, audiobooks or Podcasts.

Blog Post

Audio Book

You can now…
Transcribe & Translate Any Video
 in a matter of minutes 
in 30 different languages, with 100 different voices..


Digital Assets

is a Breeze With VidScripto
by downloading your scripts in any language in
SRT, TXT MP3 or PDF Format

Viral Videos That Reach Everyone Globally!
Now You’ll Speak Their Language!

VidScripto automatically converts ANY video into text,
creates and adds auto-captions,
translates the auto-captions and translates the audio
in the video to multiple different languages,
saving users tons of money, time and effort.

VidScripto uses a well-trained A.I.
and machine learning to create captions,
add them to videos and translate videos.

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